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Follower: Corey Brooks has GRIT.

Check out Corey's story below for some awesome inspiration. Corey definitely has grit and his story deserves to be told...if you follow us and you'd like to be featured...shoot us an email. We can all benefit from hearing each other's stories.

So pretty much my life was full of drug use. In 2012 I got introduced to heroin and began using that. I was in active addiction for a year before I found out my mom had cancer. Shortly after that my house was raided and I was incarcerated. While in jail I lost my mom the day before my birthday in 2014. I got arrested in may that same year. Had I not gone to jail I would not be alive. Jail stopped my drug use and helped snap me back to reality. After a lot of self reflection and support from my father and brother I was able to gain a clear frame of mind and begin focusing my energy elsewhere. I started working out and told myself I was going to make my mom proud. I also lost custody of my son while in jail. When I was released i began working and kept my focus on the goals I wanted to achieve. I met my girlfriend a year ago and she has pushed my harder and farther than anyone. Without jail, my family, and positivity i would not be where I am. I know when you're in active addiction it feels endless but. You can beat this. If you need help please reach out. Don't let life beat you up.

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