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Injury Prevention and Recovery Through Posterior Chain Strengthening, Nutrition, and Down Regulation

Hey Guys! This video blog is all about how anterior dominance (front of the body- think quads/chest) is contributing to imbalances which then result in injuries. Below are links to some of the posterior chain rehab exercises I used for both my knee (patellar femoral syndrome/arthritis) and shoulder issues (impingement, rotator cuff tendonitis). Also featured in the vlog is how to use breath work to relax those super tight muscles. I included a link below on that as well!!

Hope it helps!! *Click the picture below to watch the video*

Glute/Hamstring strengthening for knee pain:

Shoulder/Rotator Cuff strengthening for shoulder pain:

Breathing for down regulation/PNS activation/muscle relaxation:

*It was really hard to find a good video that covered both diaphramatic breathing AND trigger point release in the way I'd like, but these two videos do a decent job of covering both separately. The first does well discussing how to Diaphragmatically Breathe and why its important in prevention and recovery from injury. The second discusses breathing into trigger points for best possible release. It can also be helpful to use PNF techniques to flex periodically after the inhale into the trigger point and then relax the area as you exhale fully and relax the trigger point around the lacrosse ball/softball/foam roller. Maybe I'll do my own video on this later, but for now.... check these out...:

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