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Exercise Based

Mental Health Intervention

Groups are designed to facilitate the process of creating GRIT. Learning to develop courage and resolve in the face of hardship, and that success does not always come easy, is what helps us learn to endure. We take these lessons and apply them to our jobs, families and relationships outside the gym. Through this process we increase our drive, our ability to handle life when things get difficult and our motivation to be the best versions of ourselves. Talking about this in therapy is one thing. Experiencing it firsthand in the gym with a professional present to facilitate that process is another.

Grit Groups start with a discussion/lesson around a topic of focus (communication/trust/failure/comfort zones/problem solving/self talk/effort..ect), then an activity in the gym designed to cultivate and experiential opportunity to put to work what what discussed and then a debrief/application portion to end the group for members to processed and apply what they experienced to their lives as a whole. 

Email or Call/Text to get started. 

Classes take place at Equity Fitness 

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