Megan Mullins

LCPC, ACE CPT, CrossFit L-1, Pn1

I grew up with the privilege of sport. My parents emphasized exercise and nutrition. Backpacking, hiking and camping were the norm. I went on to play NCAA Division One soccer and lacrosse at UMBC, and later became an instructor with Outward Bound. Eventually, I decided to pursue a career as a mental health therapist. I began my career in addictions, eventually moving to providing therapy in the school system through Upper Bay Counseling and Support Services. My dream though, has always been to combine my passions for exercise and fitness with helping others as a therapeutic modality.

Outside of working full time as a psychotherapist (LCPC, EMDR trained), I am a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and do nutrition coaching both online and in person at my Newark location.

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